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Now, the revolutionary "Kwik-Build" option from Bass eliminates the hassle of cage assembly and turns every cage into a collapsible unit that can be disassembled for storage when not needed! This all-metal hutch, available in 3 sizes, is specially designed to accept a dropping pan without the need for a Stack-A-Hutch Kit. Cages may still be stacked, if desired. Available with standard metal pans or our tough ABS plastic pans. All Bass Stack-A-Hutch Kits come standard with our premium powder coating on the legs. A special process coats the leg with a hard, baked-on enamel coating. No more discolored and rusting legs due to constant washing and disinfecting. Combine these legs with our ABS pans for a cage system that will last and last!
Guinea Pig Cage All-purpose cage for Guinea Pigs and smaller pets. Comfortable contact bedding design means the bedding is the floor of the cage. New design with interlocking tabs on bracket for added strength. Make all of your stackable caging mobile for easier maintenance.