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Cage Assembly Tools

Hutch Assembly Tools


Bass Equipment manufactures it's own J-Clips. They are engineered in size and shape especially for cage construction. These clips are available only through Bass and it's distributors. Don't be misled by lighter weight "cheaper" clips...there IS a difference! We now offer our popular J-Clips in standard zinc plated, cold rolled steel.

Standard J-Clips
Price: $2.25 per lb.


Finally! A way to assemble cages without any special tools. The revolutionary Bass "Kwik-Klip" lets you assemble your cages in a snap! See the inside cover for a complete description of this innovative new assembly tool.

KK-25 - Bag of 25 - $ 2.00     

KK-100 - Box of 100 - 7.50     

J-Clip Pliers

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Designed and manufactured by us as an efficient clip plier at an affordable price. Zinc plated to prevent rust. Comfortable soft plastic grips with durable, riveted construction.

BCP - Price: $6.95

For heavier use. Bass heavy duty clip pliers are an improved version of the forged steel plier that has been the industry standard for years. Our tool is bright zinc plated to prevent rust and fitted with soft plastic grips for comfort.

CP - Price: $13.95


This handy tool is a must for replacing worn cage parts where partial dismantling is required. Quick and easy J-Clip removal!


Price: $25.95

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theringer.gif (3665 bytes)

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Using C-Rings has never been faster or easier! This strong, yet lightweight tool features magazine fed, 9/16" C-Rings (sold below) for quick, effortless assembly. Tough stainless steel internal parts and comfortable ergonomic design will provide years of use.

AR-1 - Price: $115.95

"D" Rings for the "Ringer"
(for use with the No. AR-1 Ringer Only)

15 gauge, 9/16" blunt-tipped "D" Ring with a closed ring size of 3/16". Loading capacity 50 rings per strip.
3 lb.boxes.


No. G50B Price: $46.95


No. S50B Price: $55.05

c-clip.gif (732 bytes)

C-rings are preferred over J-Clips when assembling cages made from our vinyl coated wire, due to the larger diameter of the coated wire. They are also extremely useful for attaching our urine guards. Available in three sizes, either zinc plated or tough stainless steel. Hundreds of uses!

Type Catalog No. Ring Size Approx. No. per lb. Price per lb.  
Zinc Z1 3/8" 850 $4.00

" Z2 1/2" 740 $4.00

" Z3 5/8" 500 $4.00

Type Catalog No. Ring Size Approx. No. per lb. Price per lb.  
Stainless S1 3/8" 850 $8.85

" S2 1/2" 740 $8.85

" S3 5/8" 500 $8.85


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Wire Cutters

Absolutely necessary to cut any type of welded wire. Available in two styles.

Standard Cut - 

Price: $9.40

Flush Cut - Price: $15.50
(14 ga. or smaller wire, only)

(No guarantee on flush cut against chipping edges.)

These pliers are specifically designed for C-Rings. They are of tough, plated steel construction with soft rubber grips for comfortable use. Spring-loaded jaws hold C-Ring in place while you position it for installation. These pliers make assembly and repair a snap!

CRP - 

Price: $12.95


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