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Plastic Pans


ABS Pans

Plastic Pans for Rabbit Cages

A breakthrough in pan design! Heavy duty, rustproof ABS plastic construction that virtually eliminates the shipping damage that plague metal pans. Easy cleanup, no corrosion, less calcium buildup, lighter weight and nesting design cuts shipping costs. Lasts far longer than conventional metal pans.

** Color of ABS Pans may vary depending on stock.

 These pans are made with a taper and slightly undersize to fit between the Stack-A-Hutch legs.

Plastic Pan(24" x 24" x 1 1/2") DP1-P Price: $23.20

Plastic Pan(24" x 30" x 1 1/2") DP2-P Price: $23.85

Plastic Pan(30" x 30" x 1 1/2") DP3-P Price: $26.45

Plastic Pan(36" x 30" x 1 1/2") DP4-P Price: $29.30

Plastic Pan(24" x 36" x 1 1/2")DP8-P Price: $25.70

Flush-Kleen Trays
Designed for NO. SAH24 Stack-A-Hutch and all 36" x 24" cages.

ABS plastic plastic pans. Molded with a slope that directs waste to one corner outlet. ABS plastic pans. Molded with a slope that directs waste to one corner outlet. Shown in a Stack-A-Hutch system.

Constructed of the same high quality ABS plastic as our standard plastic pans. Molded with a slope that directs waste to one corner outlet designed to accept 1 1/2 " PVC or similar-sized hose to direct waste to your drain or disposal container. Some customer-supplied extensions and other accessories are required. Above pictured with 16" tall cage.
Available in one size only.

** Color of Flush KleenTrays may vary depending on stock.
No. DP-FL - 36"W x 24"D - $43.20

Flush-Kleen Tray  Price: $43.20    

Relax Resting Board

Relax Resting Boards

Now provide a comfortable resting place in your rabbits cage! This unique resting pad provides relief from the wire floor in your cages for animals with sore hocks or soft pads on their feet. Washable plastic with smooth surface that is slotted to allow droppings to go through. Approximately 10"x15".

** Color of Relax Resting Boards may vary depending on stock.
No. RLX -  1 lb. - $3.95

Relax Resting Boards Price: $3.95    

Cage Cleaning Brushes

Cage Cleaning Brushes

At last an easier way to keep your cage floors clean. These tough, stiff-bristled brushes loosen that nasty buildup to help fight corrosion and disease. Available in economical nylon bristle or tough brass bristle.

CCB-N Nylon Bristles Price: $5.95    

CCB-S Brass Bristles Price: $9.50


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