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The Fine-X Feeder

"Fine-X"(Reg U.S. Pat. Off. 81806)

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When we operated a commercial rabbitry with over 1200 holes, it became quite a chore to clean some 1200 feeders. "Fines", which rabbits don't like - unless they're starved - had to be spooned out. We experimented for years with different methods. We perforated the metal trough. results: NO GOOD - Most of the fines would not fall through and had to be pushed through. We tried octagonal and diamond shaped wire mesh. results: NO GOOD - Small and broken pellets would fall through the mesh and become waste. We finally tried hardware cloth and attached it to the feeder frame with rivets and flanges to form the trough and even part of the back so the pellets had to roll down over the hardware cloth, sifting out most of the fines and dust before collecting in the trough. After we put Fine-X on the market, we had the feeder registered with the U.S. Patent Office. Now Fine-X is sold internationally. As soon as Fine-X was advertised, others in the business copied the idea. But none had the concept of it because these equipment dealers surely didn't operate a commercial rabbitry raising up to 25,000 fryers a year as we did.
So, if you don't already have some Fine-X Feeders in your operation, order some today and start saving time - and money - with the best self-cleaning feeder available in the world!

Cat No. Width Capacity Price  
1FX 11 1/2" 80 oz. $4.75

2FX 9 1/2" 60 oz. $4.75

3FX 7 1/2" 42 oz. $4.50

4FX 5 1/2" 20 oz. $4.50

5FX 3 1/2" 12 oz. $4.50


f-3.jpg (13006 bytes) FINE-X II

Back in the sixties, Bass designed and patented the revolutionary FINE-X feeder. Prior to that time, standard rabbit feeders made dust and fines a real problem for rabbit raisers. The original FINE-X solved that problem for commercial breeders and fanciers alike. However, most cage configurations of the time were suspended single deck systems. With the rapid rise in popularity of the mini and dwarf breeds of rabbits, cage designs and preferences changed. Smaller breeds led to smaller cages that could be stacked to save space. The popular stacking designs in use today prompted the rethinking of the old FINE-X design. The FINE-X II is very efficient in the self-cleaning department, but also keeps the dust and fines in the tray under the cage, not on the floor! The same sturdy, riveted construction and quality screen bottom offers you the best possible compromise between standard and screen-bottomed feeders. FINE-X II...another Bass innovation!

Feeder Covers not included, sold separately below.

Cat No. Width Capacity Price  
1FX-2 11 1/2" 80 oz. $4.95

2FX-2 9 1/2" 60 oz. $4.95

3FX-2 7 1/2" 42 oz. $4.80

4FX-2 5 1/2" 20 oz. $4.80

5FX-2 3 1/2" 12 oz. $4.80

Feeder Covers

f4-b1.jpg (18496 bytes)Another Bass innovation! All our feeders are now pre-punched to accept our new attachable feeder cover. This unique cover attaches to allow access
to the feed hopper without removal, but isn't permanent so it may be removed for cleaning or repair.

Cat. No. Size Price  
1AFC 11 1/2" $1.75

2AFC 9 1/2" $1.75

3AFC 7 1/2" $1.65

4AFC 5 1/2" $1.65

5AFC 3 1/2" $1.50

Bass now offers a Stainless Steel Spring wire to hold our feeders tightly on the cage. Innovative finger-loop design allows for "easy-on, easy-off" operation.
Sold in pairs only.


FLS-SS Stainless Steel Spring Price: $2.85

hay-pellet.gif (1402 bytes)

Hay/Pellet Combo FeederNow you can feed hay, along with your regular pelleted feed, in the same feeder! Available in all five popular sizes in both Fine-X and Standard styles. Pellets capacity is approximately 25% less than standard feeders of the same width.
Sizes and styles listed below.

Fine-X Combo Feeder

Cat. No Width Price  
1FX-HFC 11 1/2" $6.10

2FX-HFC 9 1/2" $6.10

3FX-HFC 7 1/2" $5.95

4FX-HFC 5 1/2" $5.95

5FX-HFC 3 1/2" $5.95


Wide MouthWider trough permits easy access to feed for the Lop and other large breeds as well as kennel and other small animal owners. Available in all 5 sizes. With screen bottom
Sizes and styles listed below.

Fine-X Wide Mouth

Cat. No Width Price  
1FX-WM 11 1/2" $5.25

2FX-WM 9 1/2" $5.25

3FX-WM 7 1/2" $5.15

4FX-WM 5 1/2" $5.15

5FX-WM 3 1/2" $5.15/td>


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