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Freez-X, Thermocube

Freeze-X Recirculating System

Freeze-X External View

End water line freeze ups and heat cable hassles with this kit! 

Freeze-X Internal View

Unique design allows float-controlled reservoir to serve as standard breaker tank regulator for your automatic water system. In cold weather, the recirculating pump keeps heated water moving through the lines to prevent freeze-ups.
One pump/tank unit is capable of servicing approximately 200 feet of " line. " MPT inlet and " fpt outlet is adaptable to most any connection needed. Includes submersible heater with built-in thermostat for added protection.
No. FRZ-X  - $ 225.00
Use with THERMOCUBE Thermostat for totally automatic protection!


Freeze-X  Price: $219.95


The FREEZE-X system is designed to keep the water moving through the low pressure water lines of your automatic watering system to prevent it from freezing, similar to leaving a tap dripping on a cold night to keep a poorly protected water line from freezing in cold weather. The system works very well when installed properly, but does have limitations. We have installations working fine that have up to 200 feet of line in the system. However, these systems are single lines and have minimal restriction to allow the water to flow freely through the pipe. If you have stacked cages or several lines connected in series before returning to the tank, the workable length of pipe that one pump will accommodate will vary. Avoid running lines close to outside walls where drafts could possibly contact the pipe. Nothing will prevent a line from freezing in single digit temps and below if the wind is blowing directly on the pipe. We can not guarantee an exact low temperature that a Freeze-x system will protect down to. We do have systems working in the northern states as well as Alaska with no problems. However, most rabbitries maintain a higher inside temp during cold weather and many factors including insulation and wind protection play an important role in the ultimate effectiveness of the system. We believe this to be a very good system that will prove invaluable in the majority of climates and situations.




Automatically turns on heat cable or Freeze-X pump at 35F outside temperature. 120 VAC. Two grounded outlets. 1800 watt maximum rating. U/L listed.
No. THQ - $15.95

Thermocube  Price: $15.95

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