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24x18 Starter Kit  Bundle Easiest Setup   Housebreak Your Rabbit 10"x15"  Wire Floor Relief  
$74.95 + shipping  $56.40 + shipping    Only $16.75 + shipping $3.95 + shipping $3.95 + shipping
Our solid box is constructed of 28 gauge galvanized steel with riveted seams and a 3/8" plywood floor for warmth. It has a semi-open top for proper ventilation. The box itself will last many years and can be torched or steamed for disinfection. The floor will endure many litters and may be replaced as necessary. The new Grand Champion II System is a much improved version of the original tattoo set with drastically improved ease of use yielding a perfect, legible imprint with every tattoo.  More precise machining processes yield a more more mistakes on the judges table from a bad tattoo!  
  Metal Dropping Pan 24" Automatic Water Valves Nest Boxes Deluxe Tattoo Registrar QUICK LOCK - FLIP TOP 1FX Fine-X Feeder
Only $13.45 + shipping Only $3.35 + shipping 14x 9 x 8 $11.60+shipping Set  $82.95 + shipping  32oz. Just $7.50 + ship 11 1/2"  80 oz . $4.75

11 " Econo Hayrack Wide Universal Sani-Nest Plastic Pans Cat Kennel Equipment Dog Kennel Equipment Rabbit Kennel Equipment
Only $4.60 + shipping 18" x 10 x 8"  - $ 12.10 24" x 24" x 1 1/2"- $23.20+
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Bass Equipment has decades of experience building a rabbit cage or a rabbit hutch to meet your needs. Whether you are a rabbit breeder looking for indoor rabbit cages or just a hobbyist building a rabbit cage for a house rabbit you will find small and large rabbit cages with all the accessories you need for your ideal rabbit cage.

Dog Kennel
Looking for a dog kennel? Bass Equipment has an excellent product line to meet your needs. The Flush Kleen System system design lowers your maintenance and provides a healthier environment for you dog kennel.

Guinea Pig Cage
Looking for a guinea pig cage? Bass Equipment also provides Aspen wood bedding which is healthy choice for your guinea pig cage.
Rabbit cage, dog kennel, guinea pig cage, rabbit hutches, rabbit hutch equipment, rabbit supplies, Bass Equipment is the one place for all your needs

What are rabbit hutches?
Rabbit hutches are generally a combination of wood, metal and plastic.
Here's what wikipedia had to say: A rabbit hutch is a type of cage used typically for housing domestic rabbits and chickens. Other small animals that can be housed outside, including exotic pets like foxes, can be also housed in rabbit hutches. Most rabbit hutches have a frame constructed of wood, including legs to keep the unit off the ground. The floor may be wood, wire mesh, or some combination of the two. One or more walls of the rabbit hutch are also wire mesh to allow for ventilation. Some rabbit hutches have built-in nest boxes and shingled roofs — these are generally intended to be placed directly outside rather than inside another shelter such as a barn.
Why are rabbit hutches different from rabbit cages?
Rabbit cages are generally made of metal, have sliding pans or a flushing system to address the removal of rabbit pellets.
Why combine rabbit hutches with rabbit cages?
The combination of rabbit cages with removable pans can make for a more sanitary situation when designing and building rabbit hutches.
At Bass we offer high quality rabbit cages and rabbit hutches at prices you can afford.
Stackable Rabbit Cages

All Bass Stack-A-Hutch Kits for your stackable rabbit cages come standard with our premium powder coating on the legs. A special process coats the leg with a hard, baked-on enamel coating. No more discolored and rusting legs for your rabbit cages due to constant washing and disinfecting. Combine these legs with our ABS pans for a rabbit cage system that will last and last!

The Bass Flush-Kleen system design is the result of years of hands on research and development in our own facility. Originally designed for the commercial rabbit breeder in mind, this system has found widespread acceptance for numerous applications from fanciers to research facilities. It is a totally integrated rabbit cage and clean out system that will minimize labor and maximize the efficiency of your operation. The free standing, modular design allows for installation in a variety rabbit cage housing situations. The one piece sectional ABS plastic trays contain waste to allow use in garages, frame structures with wood or concrete floors, even second floor areas where the use of conventional trays is not practical. Eliminate shoveling manure or the endless task of dumping trays from your rabbit cages forever! The Flush-Kleen system allows the waste from your rabbit cage to be washed down to a single drain and out to sanitary sewer or other means of proration and disposal. The benefits of a truly clean environment for your rabbits and the time and labor saved over conventional cleaning methods are immeasurable!

More detailed information about Bass rabbit cages:

   The Bass Flush-Kleen cage system for kennels is an efficient, labor saving design that will make sanitation and waste removal the easiest part of your daily chores. Our pre-formed ABS plastic flush trays have the gutters molded in as part of the tray, not a separate trough as is seen in most systems. The integrated rack and cage design is available in either a free standing double deck system with a center drain or a double deck configuration that can be installed against the wall.
   The free standing system features back to back rabbit cage configuration with each five foot section containing eight compartments 30x24x24 high (four on top level, four on lower level). The wall mount system features four compartments 30x30x24 high per five foot section. Maximum length of rows should be kept to 30 feet on either system for best drainage.
   Rabbit Cages are built standard with 12 gauge fronts and 14 gauge sides and tops. Your choice of either 12 gauge 1x1, 14 gauge 3/4x3/4, or 16 gauge 1/2x1 floor. All wire is our premium PVC coated material. Rabbit cages are sold unassembled. Front panels are complete with doors installed. All other components are pre-cut to size ready for assembly with stainless steel c-rings, which are included. Final assembly is available for an extra charge, but assembled units must be picked up at our Monett, MO location and can not be shipped.
   The leg system for the double deck design utilizes our powder coated cage legs with special connectors that attach to the rabbit cage with tabs, making the rabbit cage the superstructure of the rack. This design minimizes the possibility of corrosion and makes assembly of the rabbit cages simple. All legs are assembled to the same length and should be installed on a floor with a slight fall to the drain end of the unit to facilitate proper drainage. If you have a level floor, we do have an optional leg extension kit that will give the proper fall for drainage. While this option is usually not necessary, our sales personnel can advise you on the proper installation of your rabbit cage system for your particular facility.
   The wall mounted design, because it attaches to the wall, uses a different support system. Pre-cut pieces of 1 5/8" perforated steel angle make up the framework for this style unit. The heavy duty frame material is plated with Galv-Krom, a special two part plating process that is very rust resistant. All bolts are included for final assembly. Some trimming of the trays may be necessary to make the final fit when assembling. Flush trays should be mounted to the wall with a slight fall to the desired drain end of the unit. Final connection to sewer or other waste outlet is the responsibility of the customer. We also offer polyethylene plastic sheets for use as back splash protection, if needed. Overlap these sheets into the trays where they attach to the wall for maximum leak protection when washing down.


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