Bass Equipment Company is a family owned and operated manufacturing business that was founded in 1961 by Pat Bass. Pat was an avid rabbit raiser for both commercial and fancy purposes. As an ARBA judge for show rabbits and a commercial rabbit raiser he saw first hand the need for a company that could offer new and innovative products for the rabbit and small animal industry. One of the first products created and still a mainstay in the industry was the Fine-X feeder. The Fine-X was the first of its kind, a fully riveted feeder with a screened back for sifting out feed fines. No longer would you have an inferior spot welded solid metal feeder that had to be removed to empty the fines that the animals would not consume. Bass Equipment was the first to develop a modular flushable cage design, the Flush Kleen cage and rack system. The new innovative integrated cage and cleanout system would minimize labor and maximize efficiency of rabbit and small animal operations. After nearly sixty years in the industry Bass continues to be the most experienced and knowledgeable manufacturer in the industry. Bass Equipment Company proudly manufactures all of our products in Monett, MO USA and continues to bring its customers unparalleled quality products and unparalleled customer service. 


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