The time and effort required to build wire cage assemblies can be overwhelming. That's why Bass Equipment developed the "Kwik-Build" Cage System. Now, when you build wire cage units, they're collapsible and can be disassembled for storage when not needed! The cage listed on this page is a Kwik-Build Cage that enables you to build wire cages in minutes.



Up until now, it has not been practical to pre build wire cages due to high shipping costs and damage. Bass has always offered our cages in kit form with J-clips for assembly. But, many customers want a unit that assembles quickly and easily without special tools. Now, the revolutionary "Kwik-Build" option from Bass eliminates the hassle of cage assembly.

Thanks to the invention of the "Kwik-Klip" from Bass, you can fully build wire cage sets in minutes without any special tools. The "Kwik-Klip" fasteners are made from tough, rust-proof, high-impact plastic. They can be reused many times to disassemble your cage for storage or relocation.

Interested in other components to help you build wire cage setups? Do you have questions about our products? Give us a call at (800)798-0150. We're here to help!

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