A properly installed bunny water system is both economical and easy to maintain. Bass Equipment offers two types of bunny water systems: rigid pipe systems and the flexible tubing systems. The rigid pipe system is best for large commercial operations and those requiring freeze protection. The flexible tubing system works just as well, but doesn't offer the durability and freeze protection the rigid system does.

















One of the most misunderstood and least used aid to rabbit raisers is the automatic bunny water system. A constant supply of fresh, clean water is essential for top efficiency and production. An automatic bunny water system can have close to the same cost as hand watering. The benefits are immeasurable!

There are two types of bunny water systems available from Bass Equipment Company: the flexible tube and the rigid pipe automatic bunny water system. There are definite advantages for the use of either type of system. We will be glad to offer our assistance in choosing the proper system to fit your needs, application and budget.

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