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When Bass Equipment Company operated a commercial rabbitry with over 1200 holes, it became quite a chore to clean some 1200 feeders. "Fines" which rabbits don't like, unless they are starved, had to be spooned out. We experimented for years with different methods. We perforated the metal trough, the results: NO GOOD. Most of the fines would not fall through and had to be pushed through. We tried octagonal and diamond shaped wire mesh, the results: NO GOOD. Small broken pellets would fall through the mesh and become waste. We finally tried hardware cloth and attached it to the feeder frame with rivets and flanges to form the trough and even part of the back so the pellets would roll down over the hardware cloth, sifting out most of the fines and dust before collecting in the trough. After we put the Fine-x on the market, we had the feeder registered with the US patent office. Now the Fine-x is sold internationally. As soon as the Fine-x was advertised, others manufacturers copied the idea. However none had the concept of it because these manufacturers surely didn't operate a commercial rabbitry raising up to 25,000 fryers a year as we did. So if you don't already have some Fine-x feeders in your operation, order some today and start saving time and money with the best self-cleaning feeder available in the world! Bass Equipment Company also manufacturers exceptional quality rabbit feeders, bird feeders, poultry feeders and other small animal feeders.
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