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The Bass Flush-Kleen system design is the result of years of hands on research and development in our own facilities. Originally designed for the commercial breeder in mind, this system has found widespread acceptance for numerous applications from fanciers to research facilities. It is a totally integrated cage and clean out system that will minimize labor and maximize the efficiency of your operation. With a single sided and double sided modular design it works well for installation in a variety of housing situations. The 5' sectional .110" ABS trays can be bolted together to create longer runs and contain waste to allow use in garages, frame structures with wood, dirt, or concrete floors. Even second floor areas where the use of conventional trays is not practical. Eliminate shoveling manure or the endless task of dumping trays forever! The Flush Kleen system allows the waste to be washed down with a standard garden hose to a single drain. From there it can be routed to a sanitary sewer or other means of separation and disposal. The benefits of a truly clean environment for your animals and the time saved over conventional cleaning methods are immeasurable!
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