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Guinea Pig Cages

Our Guinea Pig Cages are constructed with 1" x 2" 14 gauge wire tops and sides, and 1/2" x 1" 16 gauge floors. This is high quality, galvanized before welded, wire. We manufacturer and sell the best Guinea Pig Cages on the Planet.



All-purpose Guinea Pig cage and smaller pet cage. This 18" x 18" x 9" unit is constructed with 1" x 1" galvanized after welded wire & top opening door. Comfortable contact bedding design means the bedding is the floor of the Guinea Pig cage. Durable ABS plastic tray.


This Guinea Pig cage is stackable and has swing out doors. It is also a popular Guinea Pig cage with Guinea Pig breeders. The Guinea Pig cage has a deep galvanized metal pan.

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