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Bass Equipment and The Trap Maker have teamed up to bring you the popular Squirrel Pro, Orchard Pro and Black Fox & Rat Master line of small animal traps. These are the same highly-effective small animal traps offered for years by The Trap Maker. Take a look at these innovative live traps and learn more about this inventive way to trap the likes of squirrels, rats, ground squirrels and chipmunks.


The patented Black Fox repeating live trap is your answer to trapping ground squirrels, tree squirrels, large rats, small feral cats and similar size rodents. This trap is made in the USA using high quality 1" x 1" galvanized after 14ga. wire mesh. The trap features two spring loaded trap doors that measure 4" x 4" and a main access door that measures 8" x 8". (Patent #7886086 b2)

Garpro : Garden Pro & Master repeating live trap (24x16x4)

The Garden Pro trap is 24x16x4 inches, 14 Ga. Welded Galvanized, Cage-Quality trap with 1x2 wire mesh with two spring loaded one way doors. One door is at the end of the trap on the side, while the other door is on the top in the opposing corner. There is an 8x8 inch easy access door on top for release or removal. This trap was designed for the smaller scale trapping. This trap works very well in buildings & attics. With one door on top you will have a chance of stopping any diggers you may encounter in soft soils. Just put a few small limbs on three sides of the trap keeping the squirrels away from the sides. The chain handles have been moved to the end for easy lifting.


The Squirrel Pro trap is 24x24x4 inches,14 Ga. Welded Galvanized, Cage-Quality trap with 1x2 wire mesh. The squirrel pro has two spring loaded one way doors located in opposite corners. There is an 8x8 easy access door on top for release or removal. The chain handles on each end make for easy lifting.

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