Item Number : AVSTACK-00

Bass offers complete triple-stacked vinyl coated cage kits that are great for small dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, chickens and more. We do not recommend these for rabbits. Each triple stack kit includes: VINYL COATED WIRE CAGES - These 18" tall cages are constructed with 1"x2" 14ga. vinyl coated wire tops and sides with 1"x1" 14ga vinyl coated floors. All cages are complete kits with swing in doors installed, door hanger(if applicable), floor spreader/stiffener(36" and wider compartment cages only), stainless steel c-rings and c-ring pliers for assembly. FLOOR SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE: 1/2"x1" 16ga.(UPG-1/2FL), 1"x1" 12ga.(UPG-1FL), 3/4"x3/4" 14ga.(UPG-3/4FL). OPTIONAL SWING OUT DOORS WITH: one spl-3 lock(UPG-SPL3), two spl-3 locks(UPG-SPL3-2), one spl-2 lock(UPG-SPL2), two spl-2 locks(UPG-SPL2-2), one powder coated spl-2 lock(UPG-SPL2PC), two powder coated spl-2 locks(UPG-SPL2PC-2). STACK-A-HUTCH LEGS - All Bass Stack-A-Hutch legs come standard with our premium powder coating. This special process caots the legs with a hard, baked on enamel coating. No more discolored and rusting legs due to constant washing and disinfecting. Combine these legs with our ABS plastic pans for a cage system that will last and last! NOTE: Trays slides are galvanized. METAL OR PLASTIC PANS: Choose from our heavy duty 26ga. galvanized steel with smooth rolled edges for strength and safety or the heavy duty rustproof ABS plastic pans. These ABS pans offer easy clean up, no corrosion, less calcium buildup and lighter weight. CASTER SETS - The caster sets make all your caging mobile for easier maintenance. C-RING PLIERS - These pliers are specifically designed for C-rings. They are tough zinc plated steel with soft rubber grips. Spring loaded jaws hold the c-rings in place while you position the c-ring for installation. Part numbers followed by the a letter P (example (3-1A-AVP) will be plastic pans, those with the letter M (example 3-1A-AVM) will have metal pans. The first dimension listed will be the side the door is installed. Triple stack cage kits require additional oversize fees of $30 per unit. ***Please note upgrades are per compartment per cage.

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