Item Number : AVCAGES-00

VINYL COATED WIRE CAGES - These 18" tall cages are constructed with 1"x2" 14ga. vinyl coated wire tops and sides with 1"x1" 14ga vinyl coated floors. All cages are complete kits with swing in doors installed, door hanger(if applicable), floor spreader/stiffener(36" and wider compartment cages only), stainless steel c-rings for assembly(C-ring pliers must be purchased seperately). FLOOR SIZES ALSO AVAILABLE: 1/2"x1" 16ga.(UPG-1/2FL), 1"x1" 12ga.(UPG-1FL), 3/4"x3/4" 14ga.(UPG-3/4FL). OPTIONAL SWING OUT DOORS WITH: one spl-3 lock(UPG-SPL3), two spl-3 locks(UPG-SPL3-2), one spl-2 lock(UPG-SPL2), two spl-2 locks(UPG-SPL2-2), one powder coated spl-2 lock(UPG-SPL2PC), two powder coated spl-2 locks(UPG-SPL2PC-2). Please note upgrades are per compartment per cage.

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