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We offer durable USA made rabbit cages, small animal cages and enclosures. With a variety of configurations our cages give you the ability to set up in any barn, building or indoor space. We have single wire cages for hanging, cages stacks up to four high, wash out, clean out cage systems and more. Whether you are a fancier or a commercial raiser Bass Equipment can help with all your caging needs.

Bass offers many sizes and types of rabbit and small animal cage pans. We manufacturer pans using 26ga. galvanized steel, 26ga. stainless steel and .110 ABS plastic for our cages, Midwest ferret nation and critter nation cages, as well as custom sizes to meet all our customers needs. Don't see what you need? Give us a call or send us an email for a quote on your custom pan needs.

Bass Equipment Company offers a variety of cage accessories, resting mats, urine guards, cage legs, cage wheels, cage cleaning brushes and odor control can be purchased to help with all DIY cage projects.

Bass Equipment Company offers a full line of tools for the DIY cage builder. All the tools and clips needed to build your own cages or any other wire project.

The Bass Flush-Kleen system design is the result of years of hands on research and development in our own facilities. Originally designed for the commercial breeder in mind, this system has found widespread acceptance for numerous applications from fanciers to research facilities. It is a totally integrated cage and clean out system that will minimize labor and maximize the efficiency of your operation. With a single sided and double sided modular design it works well for installation in a variety of housing situations. The 5' sectional .110" ABS trays can be bolted together to create longer runs and contain waste to allow use in garages, frame structures with wood, dirt, or concrete floors. Even second floor areas where the use of conventional trays is not practical. Eliminate shoveling manure or the endless task of dumping trays forever! The Flush Kleen system allows the waste to be washed down with a standard garden hose to a single drain. For there it can be routed to a sanitary sewer or other means of separation and disposal. The benefits of a truly clean environment for your animals and the time saved over conventional cleaning methods are immeasurable!

Bass Equipment Company offers a complete line of hutch components and hardware for repairs to existing cages and also to help you complete cages you may wish to build to your own specifications. All components are of the same high quality materials you have come to expect from the leader in rabbit and small animal equipment!

Many people prefer to buy materials and construct their own cages or repair present ones. Though there is little to be saved, economically, over buying ready made cages, some still prefer to do their own work.For this or any other reason Bass offers all the materials necessary for cage construction. Bass is pleased to offer high quality welded wire in both galvanized before welded, Galvanized after weld and extra-durable vinyl coated. This is not low grade Chinese wire. (Please call or email for the best shipping rates on roll wire)

One of the first products offered by Bass Equipment Company over 50 years ago and still one of the most popular! Now with these improvements, these great carriers now become the best! We now equip each carrier with a deeper 3" metal pan. The pan, as well as the carrier door, is held secure with our innovative finger loop springs. The two and three compartment variations are available with either double wire or solid plastic divider. The carrier itself is constructed of high quality galvanized before welded wire. Don't be fooled by cheaper import products, there is a difference! All carriers ship fully assembled and ready to use!

When Bass Equipment Company operated a commercial rabbitry with over 1200 holes, it became quite a chore to clean some 1200 feeders. "Fines" which rabbits don't like, unless they are starved, had to be spooned out. We experimented for years with different methods. We perforated the metal trough, the results: NO GOOD. Most of the fines would not fall through and had to be pushed through. We tried octagonal and diamond shaped wire mesh, the results: NO GOOD. Small broken pellets would fall through the mesh and become waste. We finally tried hardware cloth and attached it to the feeder frame with rivets and flanges to form the trough and even part of the back so the pellets would roll down over the hardware cloth, sifting out most of the fines and dust before collecting in the trough. After we put the Fine-x on the market, we had the feeder registered with the US patent office. Now the Fine-x is sold internationally. As soon as the Fine-x was advertised, others manufacturers copied the idea. However none had the concept of it because these manufacturers surely didn't operate a commercial rabbitry raising up to 25,000 fryers a year as we did. So if you don't already have some Fine-x feeders in your operation, order some today and start saving time and money with the best self-cleaning feeder available in the world! Bass Equipment Company also manufacturers exceptional quality rabbit feeders, bird feeders, poultry feeders and other small animal feeders.

The Borak Water System, a flexible tubing system, was originally designed as a water system for rabbits but works well for many other small animal applications. This system utilizes the 5/16" tubing and the brass drip proof water valve to control water to your cage system. Please feel free to give us a call for help designing the perfect water system. Note: 1-5 psi max, please use part 860 or Reg

Bass Equipment offers the complete Edstrom small animal 3/16 Flex Tube Watering System. This system works well for rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and all other types of small animals. If you have questions on this time saving system please call us at (800) 798-0150.
Important System Note:1 to 3 PSI water pressure required to operate this system. Use No. REG Regulator or No. 860 Float Bucket for proper pressure to valves.

One of the most misunderstood and least utilized aid to the rabbit and small animal raiser is the automatic water system. A properly installed water system is both economical and easy to maintain. A constant supply of fresh, clean water is essential for top efficiency and production. An automatic water system can be utilized for little more cost per cage than hand watering, yet the benefits are immeasurable! There are two types of water systems available from Bass Equipment Company. The rigid pipe system and the flexible tubing system. The rigid pipe system is best for large commercial operations and those requiring freeze protection. The flexible tubing system is equally functional but does not offer the durability and freeze protection the rigid system does. There are definite advantages for the use of either type of system. We will be glad to offer our assistance in choosing the proper system to fit your needs, application and budget.

Medications, vitamins and supplements are a management tool that will allow a good operator to realize more profit from their operation. They are not a substitute for good management nor are they cure-alls. Bass Equipment Company assumes no liability for results.

Bass offers two types of scales, the bench top scale and a hanging scale. We also offer a torch kit to help keep your rabbit barn looking good by eliminating the hair that accumulates on top of those cages.

Here you will find a number of rabbit raising books for both the rabbit fancier and commercial rabbit raiser. Whether you are looking for general rabbit raising info, angora rabbit info., rabbit housing ideas or information on raising fish worms with rabbits we have a book for you!

Since the introduction of our Grand Champion line of tattoo equipment, we have been working with every production run to improve the tools and digits. After many tool revisions and production problems, we were forced to completely re-tool and make the changes necessary to offer a quality tattoo system that works perfectly every time. The Grand Champion II system is a much improved version of the original tattoo set with drastically improved ease of use yielding a perfect, legible imprint with every tattoo. More precise machining processes yield a more uniform tool. Increased pin count in the digits make every number and letter more legible. No more mistakes on the judges table from a bad tattoo!

Bass offers high quality USA made galvanized steel nest boxes with removable 3/8" plywood floors. Available in four popular sizes sure to meet your needs regardless of the rabbit breed you choose to raise. Bass also offers the innovative universal sani nest box. This unique next box is made using galvanized 1/2x1 wire and has a disposable cardboard liner. The nest boxes can be hung from the cage floor to create a subterranean nest or used in the cage as a standard nest.

A complete file system is equally important for the small fancier or the large commercial operation. Bass Equipment Company has developed a comprehensive system based on over 60 years experience in both commercial and show rabbit management. You will be able to tell, at a glance, the breeding record, size of litters, etc. for any animal in your herd. Get organized today, for a more profitable tomorrow!

Bass Equipment Company offers a full line of water bottles, crocks and bowls. Choose from standard water bottles, flip top bottles, heated water bottles, cage crocks or aluminum bowls.

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