Bird Feeders

Bass Equipment Company manufacturers many different styles and sizes of feeders. Many of which have found their way into the bird industry. These solid back feeders are a great option for a variety of bird feeding applications.


Improved feeders for the rabbit industry, solved by the Bass Hard Back Riveted Feeder. One of the first problems recognized by Bass Equipment Company was the need for an improved feeder in the rabbit industry. The spot welded feeders offered by most companies had the disadvantage of being weak at the welded points which resulted in many of the feeders "coming apart at the seams" during shipping or normal cleaning and moving operations in use. Also, each spot weld destroys the galvanize due to the extreme heat and this leaves the metal open to rust and corrosion. The only solution to these problems is the Bass Riveted Feeder. Since the introduction of this fine feeder it has been widely acclaimed and accepted by the rabbit industry. There is no comparable feeder on the market. Order some today and'll agree!


The J style bird feeders are made to be attached to the outside of the cage. This style of bird feeder allows you to fill the hopper from the outside of the cage. You no longer need to open the cage every time to feed. The bass bird feeder is constructed of 26ga. galvanized metal and is available in two popular sizes. This feeder is a great option for smaller birds, such as parakeets and finches.


The FEEDSAVER was designed and marketed for many years by Borak Manufacturing of Canada. Borak's closing made the feeder unavailable for the last several years. Bass was able to purchase the tooling and manufacturing rights to this popular feeder and is now proud to make it available once again.

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