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I’m looking to purchase some galvanized rabbit cages with the pan and i was wondering what the 3 upgrades are that are displayed at the bottom of the list? Upgrade all GAW cage, upg-spl2 and upg-slp3. Also if i order say 6 cages if i do choose to purchase upg-gaw would i need to place my order for 6 as well? Do the cages come with j-clips for assembly or is that a separate item i need to order as with the j-clip pliers? And finally with the 3a-sp cage i was wondering if the height is also 18”?

06/09/2020 09:28:00 AM

The upgrade all GAW gives you an entire cage made with galvanized after weld wire vs the galvanized before weld wire. This gives the wire extra protection mostly around the welded points.

The UPG-SPL2 and UPG-SPL3 are options for swing out doors vs the standard swing in door. Each upgrade specifies which lock you would like to use on the swing out door.

The upgrades do need to be applied per cage, 6 cages, 6 upgrades.

All our cages come with J-clips for assembly. The J-clip pliers are sold seperately except in the triple stack cage kits.

The cage a pan combo cages are 18" tall overall, 16" tall inside, 2" slot for the pan.



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