Bass Equipment manufactures the highest quality Rabbit Cages in the industry. 

Bass Equipment is a leader in the manufacturing of rabbit cages for the hobbiest to the largest commercial operations.  Bass Equipment provides complete rabbit cage systems, individual cages for rabbits as well as feeders, waterers and other accessories.  Choose only the highest quality Bass Equipment rabbit cages for your animal housing and care.


Offering A Complete Line Of Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Cage Stacks Image
Rabbit Cage Stacks

Quality Manufactured Stack Cages For Rabbits

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Kwik Build Rabbit Cages
Kwik Build Rabbit Cages

Quality Manufactured Galvanized Rabbit Cages

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Rabbit Starter Kit 1A Cages Image
Rabbit Starter Kit 1A Cages

The Finest Quality Complete Rabbit Cage Starter Systems

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Choose only Bass Equipment for your quality rabbit cages & accessories. 

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