Bass Equipment manufactures the highest quality Rabbit Feeders in the industry. 

Bass Equipment is a leader in the manufacturing of innovative quality rabbit feeders for the hobbiest to the largest commercial operations.  Bass Equipment provides rabbit feeders that eliminate the problem of fines in the feed, are easy to clean, and manufactured for safety and longeavity.  We produce the industry standard in high quality, durable, easy to clean rabbit feeders.  Choose only the highest quality Bass Equipment when choosing your feeder equipment for rabbits. 


Offering A Complete Line Of Rabbit Feeders

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Fine-X Screen Rabbit Feeders

Quality Manufactured Feeders For Rabbits

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Fine-X 2 Screen Rabbit Feeders

Premium Quality 2 Screen Rabbit Feeder

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Fine-X Rabbit Hay Feeder Combo

Combo Hay Feeders for Rabbits

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Choose only Bass Equipment for your quality rabbit feeders, cages & accessories. 

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